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Manual wet salt mill in acrylic, white 14 cm - 5,5in.

The Molène model is designed to grind sea salt, which has a high level of moisture. The white Molène wet salt mill is equipped with a patented Peugeot mechanism able to obtain a uniform grind, with no risk of blocking.
Grinding system

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Designed for wet salt - also called grey salt, the Molène Mill in white is equipped with a patented mechanism for a consistent grind, with no risk of blocking, even for very wet or clumpy salt. What’s the secret? A ceramic Peugeot mechanism, with a lifetime guarantee, equipped with a blade that mixes the salt to aerate it and guide it in order to provide a constant flow. This innovation is combined with an elegant design: a pretty pearl white head and a transparent body that has its own special way with light. Also the white Molène is slightly twisted, good for grip. Pair the Molene White with a matching pepper mill to create the perfect duo!