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The Brand

Peugeot is one of the most iconic French brands with a strong tradition of exceptional quality and innovation. Peugeot spice mills appear in home kitchens all over the world as well as on many of the greatest chefs’ tables and the history behind them is extraordinary. In the 19th century, Peugeot began manufacturing saw blades, coffee mills, steel cage crinolines, spice mills for the dining table, penny-farthing bicycles among other things and creativity has always driven the brand to the pinnacle of ingenuity. Over the years, Peugeot has diversified further into even more product categories.

Peugeot Saveurs Manufacturing


The Peugeot Saveurs factory is located in Quingey, France.

Everything from the cutting edge product designs to the technological development and manufacturing process takes place in this factory, next to the Swiss border, and it always has.  We have a great team of people and no matter what the task at hand, be it varnishing or painting the wood, carefully assembling all the components or packaging the final products, it is all done with precision and expert know-how. From humble beginnings, this factory has evolved to become a leader in export sales to more than 80 countries around the world.  We are proud of our heritage and to say that these iconic salt and pepper mills, spice mills, coffee mills and bakeware are Made in France.


Official Recognition

Peugeot has been awarded the prestigious label of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV), a mark of recognition from the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their reputation, tradition and industrial skills. The label brings together exceptional French manufacturers and the elite of French proficiency in every field.

Our Commitment to Sustainbility

Peugeot are continuously driving for advancements in their eco-friendly credentials and social responsibilities.  Each salt mill and pepper grinder is assembled locally at our site in Franche-Comté and our wooden salt and pepper mills in particular are made of wood sourced from PEFC™ certified European forests.  To protect the environment further, we collect and recycle any wood chips and sawdust that are wasted in the manufacturing process and only use solvent-free paint for the coloured finish.  Peugeot also has a strong commitment to community welfare and primarily contracts suppliers who employ people with disabilities or who are reintegrating back into society.

Setting The Bar

For more than 200 years, Peugeot has been generating new ideas and original designs for the most essential everyday tools.  Combining tried-and-tested traditional methods with cutting-edge technology, the objective is always to create salt and pepper mills that are easy to use and offer the truest expression of flavour.

This excellence in engineering that is continuously being reviewed and renewed has made Peugeot the undisputed benchmark for salt mills and pepper grinders. Peugeot draws strength from its rich legacy to mastermind kitchenware that allows fine dining enthusiasts as well as wholesome home cooks to keep discovering new tastes and experiences.

A Brand New Look

A fresh logo with a more contemporary style has been introduced, highlighting the brand’s enthusiasm for progress and commitment to remain relevant, modern, and dynamic.  This striking new design depicts the lion’s claw and will, from now on, adorn every product.

Brand Categories

Peugeot has leveraged its vast experience in salt and pepper mills, as well as coffee mills, to apply its expertise to the wine sector.  Unlocking the incredible aromas for the nose and sensational pleasures felt around the palate, Peugeot are passionate about helping people rediscover the art of serving, uncorking, decanting and tasting the wonders proffered by the vine.

It doesn’t end there.  Peugeot is actively committed to exploring other areas too where flavours reign supreme and creating new instruments of taste to help food enthusiasts satisfy all their prepping, cooking and eating needs.


The story of the world and of humanity can be understood through the story of spice, just as the story of Peugeot is reflected in that of its salt and pepper mills.  Discovering the world of spice is a natural progression for the brand and we are excited to take you on the same journey to discover unique flavours, cultures and history through food.  Whether you’re keen to use a chilli grinder, a nutmeg mill or the recipe calls for ceylon cinnamon sticks, Peugeot’s range of spice mills will stimulate your mind and your senses.


Once a little-known delicacy, coffee is now firmly established in our culture but coffee bean grinders have always been at the heart of Peugeot’s expertise.  Beyond the daily ritual, drinking coffee has become a social affair, a practice of mindfulness, and even a wellness experience and we feel strongly that these moments are enhanced when you start by grinding the beans in a coffee mill. Time and time again, all our coffee mills, including the original vintage coffee grinder as well as the more innovative French press coffee mill and cafetiere combined, offer the exhilarating flavour of freshly-ground coffee.

Wine accessories

Enjoying wine can be as formal or as casual as you like but, regardless of the context, the right accessories will certainly enhance your sipping experience. From wine pourers to prosecco stoppers and champagne holders, Peugeot has a broad range of accessories and invites you to unravel a more refined art of wine tasting.


This range of glazed ceramic dishes is a symbol of Peugeot’s tradition and know-how in the field of flavour as well as excellence in French manufacturing.  The oven dishes are designed for homogenous heat conduction so your food cooks evenly and isn’t burnt at the edges while still raw in the middle.  These ceramic dishes promote simple, healthy cooking and perfect bakes with no soggy bottoms, so you can just focus on the ingredients and the enjoyment of eating.  Meals in minutes or low and slow stews, whatever the style of cooking, the Appolia range can be called upon day in, day out.  It will not only boost your confidence in the kitchen but also add flair to your table.

We are always aiming to improve on the appearance and functionality of our oven dishes and bakeware for optimum cooking but are confident that our ceramic mix of clay, kaolin and feldspath offers substantial shock resistance to preserve the dishes from scratches and allow for an easy clean. The cadmium-free enamel we have selected also meets the most stringent environmental and food regulations.

Peugeot Values

« Peugeot, with a sense of pride in its history and legacy, is established in time and in the collective imagination. It is a symbol of our family’s commitment to a territory and our connection to the values of expertise, innovation and style. Always aiming at the future, Peugeot boots even further its development in order to better support chefs, families and epicureans from the kitchen to the table. »
Jean-Philippe Peugeot



The Peugeot adventure started in the 19th century with a flurry of ingenious code-setting creations and to this day, Peugeot coffee grinders, salt and pepper mills set the standards for food enthusiasts and great chefs alike. Since 1850, the lion has epitomised the superior quality and unique heritage of all Peugeot products.

Discover Our 200-year History

The Peugeot Warranty

Such is our commitment to quality that our products boast the best warranties.

SPICE MILL collection
All Peugeot steel mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty.

Warranty for mill bodies:
• Electric: five years from the date of purchase
• Manual: five years from the date of purchase

WINE & BARWARE collection
All Peugeot wine-tasting accessories come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.
The metal Baltaz corkscrew features a ten-year warranty, while the Baltaz Dark lever corkscrew offers a five-year warranty.
The Salma corkscrew with foil cutter comes with a five-year warranty.

BAKEWARE collection
The Peugeot Appolia range of ceramic dishes comes with a 10-year warranty.

Spirit of Ingenuity

Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit since the beginning, Peugeot is constantly reinventing its products, enriching its expertise and igniting its enthusiasm for innovation to create objects that respect tradition but are relevant in the modern world.

It started with coffee mills and since then Peugeot has diversified significantly to add hardware, fashion, cars, bicycles, bakeware, and of course salt and pepper mills to its portfolio but every arm of the brand is built on a universal ambition to deliver an enjoyable experience.

Outstanding quality and French joie de vivre emanate through every design.  We create products that are stylish as well as functional, which help to facilitate our lives and add beauty to them so we can better enjoy the world around us.

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