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L'Arbre à Café
Manual Coffee Grinder u'Select 20 cm - 8 in

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First class coffee

Are you a coffee lover? L’Arbre à Café from Peugeot is the coffee grinder for you. With close to 200 years of expertise in mills, Peugeot developed L’Arbre à Café, an attractive burr grinder that offers consistency and reliability so you can make the best espressos, filter coffee, piston press coffee, or cold brews in total confidence. The 11-setting adjustable u’Select grind system is quick and intuitive to use.  The superior quality of the steel burr mechanism and the stylish design make L'Arbre à Caf émake it a desirable tool for all coffee aficionados. 8in tall, the grinder is comfortable to hold with one, and the length and shape of the handle offer total control and fast action to get the perfect grind for your favorite brewing method.

As connoisseurs would say, coffee is a world of flavors defined by the variety of countries of origin, roasting processes, and preparations. Aromas and intensity are key factors of freshly ground coffee. Freshly ground coffee beans are essential to the taste of the final cup of coffee. L’Arbre à Café is your go-to grinder to release all the aromas in the beans before adding water. This burr coffee mill is the fruit of a collaboration between three demanding and passionate experts: Peugeot, Sylvie Amar Studio, for the design, and Hippolyte Courty, roaster and founder of L’Arbre à Café. A winning trio for an innovative, intuitive, and high-precision coffee grinder. 


• Even reproducible grinding

• The crank handle makes it easy to grind

• Simple, easy and handy to use

• 11 grind settings available (from fine for espresso to very coarse for cold brew)

• A reservoir that holds up to 35g of coffee, enough to brew 0.5 liters (2 cups)

• Dishwasher safe glass container with measurement markings

• Packaging includes 1 gear cleaning brush and 1 measuring spoon