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Why should you choose an electric corkscrew?

Elis-Touch-ambiance - Peugeot Saveurs

A corkscrew is obviously an essential item for all lovers of wine and spirits. However, opening a bottle with a sommelier-style corkscrew, without causing the cork to crumble or break, can sometimes be tricky. Have you had this kind of issue before? Well, the secret to effortlessly and easily opening a bottle of wine is opting for an electric corkscrew.

What advantages does an electric corkscrew offer?

Read on to find out.

Practical and easy to use: effortlessly remove the cork from the bottle

Opening a bottle with a classic corkscrew usually requires a bit of physical strength and the right technique. While professionals seem to have no problems using sommelier-style corkscrews, which take expertise and practice, uncorking a bottle the right way is, in reality, not such an easy thing.

Electric corkscrews are therefore an appealing option because they are so easy to use and require so little effort. Uncorking bottles becomes child’s play – just press the corkscrew down on the neck of the bottle and that’s it!

Fast, with a long-lasting battery: uncork your bottles of wine with a simple press

Six to seven seconds is all it takes to effortlessly uncork a bottle of wine, with the help of the high-performing Peugeot electric corkscrew. When fully charged, Peugeot electric corkscrews can open 40 to 50 bottles. This long-lasting battery life allows the user to be autonomous, which is extremely useful at large functions, for example.

Compatible: no cork can resist

Peugeot electric corkscrews are compatible with all types of corks (regular or synthetic), as well as all bottles shapes. They prove to be extremely resistant accessory to assist wine lovers in their discovery of new wines.

Stylish and elegant: a tableware piece / a piece that you'll be proud to display on the table or in the kitchen

Peugeot electric corkscrews are both modern and elegant, making them very beautiful pieces to have on your dining table. As well as the Peugeot electric corkscrew’s highly contemporary design, they are perfectly ergonomic to hold and operate. Once you use it, you’ll never go back.

For techheads and lovers of high tech items, the Peugeot stainless steel Elis Touch corkscrew is the perfect companion. Wine connoisseurs will fall head over heels for this rechargeable electric corkscrew, which is triggered automatically, guaranteeing extreme precision. Featuring an elegant brushed steel body, Elis Touch is presented on an understated, refined charging base. It also has a light that indicates its level of charge and comes with an ingenious foil cutter.

Wooden electric corkscrew As for the Peugeot Elis Reverse, it blends technology and tradition with a warm, beechwood design. The Elis Reverse is entirely made in France – designed, turned, painted and assembled in our production workshops in Franche-Comté. With cutting edge technology, it is 100% automatic, uncorking bottles with a simple press down on the neck and ejecting the cork when you rotate it 90°. With a foil cutter included, soon you will not be able to live without this practical, quick accessory.

The perfect gift: choose a high quality, unexpected present

With technology constantly evolving, Peugeot electric corkscrews are always being reimagined and updated with the latest innovations in performance, motor and battery. They are among the most sophisticated models on the market.

A corkscrew is an essential accessory, a companion for the most beautiful moments of wine tasting. Peugeot electric corkscrews strike the ideal balance between design, comfort, precision and technology, making them perfect for wine lovers, true connoisseurs and recent converts alike. The perfect gift idea for any special occasion – Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, marriages, housewarmings, stag parties, and many more. Put an end once and for all to mangling corks and straining to open wine bottles. Give a high-quality, attractive present.