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From cold pressed coffee to espresso: discover 5 different methods to brew your coffee

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A true morning ritual for some, a friendly break for others… More than just a drink, coffee is a real way of life that delights our daily life with its irresistible fragrances. Espresso, drip coffee or cold brew, discover five methods to prepare an excellent coffee at home, which will delight both the taste buds of purists and occasional amateurs.

Drip coffee

Drip coffee is the most widely used method in France. Praised for its simplicity, it nevertheless requires respecting a few simple but essential principles in order to obtain an excellent coffee whose subtle aromas can be appreciated, while being light. Among these: the quality of the beans, finely ground so that it brews slowly; an adequate dosage and a good filter, made from recycled paper, organic cotton or linen, or stainless steel and nylon, infinitely reusable.

The French press

The French Press is very successful thanks to its simplicity of use, as you just need to place the coffee at the bottom of the pourer and add hot water to prepare a ready-to-eat coffee in a few minutes.

However, like the classic coffee maker, this process requires a few simple rules to obtain an ideally aromatic drink. Quality of the beans, the precision of the dosage (count 7 to 10 g of coffee for 150 ml of water), the temperature of the water, which must be heated to 85 ° so as not to dissipate the aromas coffee, and the brewing time which should not exceed 7 minutes. In addition, the French press requires a medium grind so that the coffee can fully release its aromas on contact with water.

  • Discover the Paris Press, An innovative two in one device brings together highly accurate grinding and high-quality brewing in a single piece of equipment, allowing you to make perfect and well-balanced coffee in just a few steps.


Especially appreciated by purists, the espresso stands out thanks to its aromatic power and its thicker consistency, topped with a pretty golden brown foam. This method consists of passing very high pressure hot water through very finely ground coffee in order to extract all the aromas. If there are different automatic models on the market, some prefer a manual machine in order to obtain an ideally intense and perfectly dosed coffee.

Tip: preheat your cup by running it under very hot water to maintain the temperature and bring out all the flavors of coffee!

The Italian coffee maker

An iconic utensil in our grandmothers’ kitchens, as elegant as it is timeless, the Italian coffee maker has enchanted the taste buds of gourmets and lovers of authenticity for almost a hundred years. Made of aluminum, it consists of a lower part that acts as a water tank, overhung by a receptacle for ground coffee, and an upper part with a filter, in which the coffee is collected after boiling. If this method requires a little training, in particular not to “burn” the coffee, it also makes it possible to prepare an excellent espresso in a few moments.

Cold pressed coffee

Particularly trendy in the United States, cold brewed coffee or cold brew is becoming more and more popular in France. The reason for this success? A coffee that is both sweet and powerful, ideal for making delicious iced coffee drinks.

To prepare it, just drop a dose of coarsely ground coffee, cover with 5 doses of water, and be patient to let the preparation steep 15 to 20 hours in the refrigerator. Then simply filter the preparation with a simple paper filter and then let your creativity speak, for example, adding vanilla ice cream, cinnamon or milk.

The perfect grind

To benefit from the ideal grind for the method you choose, discover the Peugeot coffee mills. In a classic or contemporary design, this emblematic piece of historical know-how combines aesthetics and ingenuity, with a mechanism designed to extract the subtle and powerful flavors of coffee beans.