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How to use a sommelier corkscrew?

CLAVELIN 200428 - © PIXEL & BÉCHAMEL - Peugeot Saveurs

Both functional and authentic, the sommelier corkscrew (also known as a waiter’s friend) holds a time-honoured place among all the different kinds of corkscrews available today. Use this compact, lightweight, ingenious tool to perform the perfect sommelier technique and open wine bottles with elegance and flair.

A sommelier corkscrew is made of several parts: a corkscrew worm, a lever, a handle, and on most models, a foil cutter. Each component plays an important role in opening a bottle of wine. Many models also come with a bottle opener to be even more multi-purpose, such as the Clavelin and the Melchior.

It’s important for us at Peugeot to draw on all our expertise in order to satisfy the most seasoned customers. Our sommelier corkscrews are convenient, compact and intuitive, allowing you to remove all kinds of corks with a simple movement.

Using a sommelier corkscrew, step by step

Would you like to uncork a wine bottle just like a sommelier? Here are all our tips on how to use a sommelier corkscrew to open a bottle of wine.

Follow these steps and master this unique sommelier technique.

  1. Cut the aluminium foil using the foil cutter, a small knife built into the corkscrew. Then use the knife to peel off and remove the cut foil.
  2. Place the worm of the corkscrew in the centre of the cork and start to screw it in clockwise. Stop once the last spiral is just above the top of the cork.
  3. Fold the lever down towards the neck of the bottle and set the notch against the lip of the bottle. Pull up the handle to gently remove the cork from the bottle.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy tasting your bottle of wine, having impressed your guests with your mastery of this professional technique.

Good to know: Our Clavelin models have an exclusive, patented handle mechanism that can remove any kind of cork in one continuous motion.

What accessories do you need for a sommelier-worthy wine tasting?

For everything you need for the perfect wine tasting experience, check out our range of tasting glasses, carafes and wine accessories, such as wine pourers, cooling sleeves, and the Clef du Vin Wine Ageing Tool.