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Mature red wine and white wine carafe 75 cl - 25,4oz

The Peugeot Ibis wine carafe offers a particularly long neck to open up the wine with care. This is an ideal carafe for mature red wines and white wines.

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Putting wine into a carafe means offering a showcase that allows it to blossom and to reveal all of its beauty to you. A white wine requires compliance with respect for harmony between acidity, alcohol and the material. A particularly fragile mature red wine requires a lot of delicacy and must avoid air exchanges. The Peugeot Ibis wine carafe is ideal for these two types of wine. It will allow you to decant your wines, i.e. to separate the wine from any sediment and thus be able to enjoy it. This decanter has a particularly long neck to open up the mature red wine and white wine with all the delicacy and finesse required. This wine carafe made of hand-blown glass reveals a fine elegant silhouette that is enchanting to the senses.