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Jewel button
Glossy chrome button for salt mills

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A fine finish for a chic salt mill

Adorn your salt mill with some additional style and sophistication with a glossy jewel-like button that features the brand’s lion head and a prominent “S” for instant recognition.  Pair it perfectly with the wooden or stainless steel salt mills in the Isen line or a transparent model from the Chaumont, Nancy and Oslo collections.  On manual salt mills without the u'Select system, the button can be used to change the grind setting gradually from a fine to coarse texture but it is also compatible with u’Select salt mills.

- For manual salt mills (u'Select and non-u'Select models)
- Compatible with salt mills from 10cm to 80cm
- Can be used to adjust the grind setting on non-u'Select salt mills
- Not compatible with the Mignonnette, Palace, Paris Icône, Paris Prestige and Lalique collections