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Must-Have Accessories for Wine Lovers

wine lovers accessories - Peugeot Saveurs

A bottle of wine is an art in itself and should be treated as such. One way to pay homage to the many hours of work and talent that goes into a bottle is to honor it with some essential wine accessories. From the fundamentals like corkscrews and tasting glasses to more specialized tools like vacuum pumps and clefs du vin, discover a wide variety of wine accessories that will make you look and sound like a true wine aficionado with Peugeot.

Although most of us are familiar with the basics like a corkscrew and wine glasses, there are many other oenological tools out there that are just waiting to be discovered! Let’s have a look.

Decant away!

Have you ever seen someone decant a full bottle of wine after they open it? The culinary arts call for elegance, and there is nothing more sophisticated than serving wine in a decanter rather than a bottle. Combining originality with tradition, Peugeot hand-blown decanters contain and unveil the wine’s aromas with a touch of modernity and elegance. Whether you are eating a homemade meal with your loved ones, or celebrating a special occasion with dozens of guests, a decanter is an essential tool for wine amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Aeration in the glass is equally important. The Peugeot TASTER® glass from Les Impitoyables collection has been designed to quickly bring out all the aromas while offering a serious and stylish grip. It reveals the personality of the wine: its color, aroma, balanced in the mouth, etc. The TASTER® is handmade and mouth-blown. It has two cavities on the bottom and on the side with a dual function: hold the glass with two fingers without heating the contents and swirl vigorously to aerate and break up the wine.

Technologically innovative

Experts agree: if oxygen allows wine to open up and develop its bouquet, it can also damage it if it is exposed to air for too long. Very simple to use, the Peugeot vacuum pump makes it possible to limit contact between wine and air. All you need to do is insert the stopper into the neck of the bottle, place the vacuum pump over the valve and pump away. When you feel resistance, it means all the air has been removed from the bottle, which can now be kept safely for another 2 to 8 days depending on the wine.

The result of 10 years of research, the patented Peugeot Clef du vin is a measuring instrument that allows you to instantly know how long bottles of wine can be kept. Once the Clef du vin is plunged into a glass of wine, each second of contact corresponds to a year of aging. If after several seconds, the wine tastes the same or improves, it will be able to age properly. However, if the wine starts to lose its qualities after one or two seconds, it should not be saved and aged. An ingenious and innovative tool that will save you both time and money! Clef du vin can also be used daily with average wines to help balance the tannins and reveal their aromas. Be the king of the party and impress your guests with Clef du Vin. Not a magic wand but certainly a wine lover’s favorite!

Practical, yet essential

Practical, reusable and universal, a wine pourer can heighten the wine experience by creating an even pour that stops as soon as the bottle is tilted upwards. Finally, that famous last drop of red wine sullying a lovely white tablecloth will now no longer be a risk thanks to a clever drainage system facilitated by its design.

As any sommelier will tell you, each wine has its own optimal temperature for consumption. Luckily, with a cooling sleeve in hand, you can keep wines nice and cool regardless of the weather. Solid, adaptable and tall enough to enclose the whole bottle, with a modern and elegant design, as well as the perfect traveling weight, the Peugeot cooling sleeve is a vital accessory for anyone’s wine collection.