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Gift Box with 2 Whisky-tasting Sets and a Tasting Booklet

Colours, aromas, flavours... this set is the key to unlocking all the secrets of whisky with a fellow enthusiast. It contains two whisky tasting sets, two chilling bases and one tasting booklet. The ideal gift for single malt whisky aficionados.

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Unravel the mysteries of whisky

Unveil and share the mysteries of whisky. How the spirit is made, its colours, aromas and flavours – all will be revealed to you. This set of two Whisky Tasting Sets is designed to enjoy the richness and complexity of whisky. It comes with a tasting guide and makes the perfect instrument to dig into the mysterious world of whisky… The whisky glass from Les Impitoyables collection is designed to enhance all whiskies and eaux-de-vie, such as Cognac and Armagnac. With a distinctive wide bowl, this technical glass will reveal the subtleties in the whisky, bringing out the aromas for an utterly indulgent tasting. Its central dome divides the liquor and prevents an overpowering elevation of alcohol vapors to the nose. The metal base is designed to chill the spirit for at least 30 minutes without ice, slowly, hence preventing thermal shocks that would inhibit the release of all aromas. For best results, leave the metal base in the freezer for a few hours.