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Blue Soufflé Dish Ø22 cm - 8,6", 24,4L - 2,2QT

Making soufflés with cheese, butternut squash or vanilla becomes child’s play with the Peugeot Appolia ceramic dish. The high edges help the soufflé rise gently, becoming fluffy in the oven; the ceramic provides even heat distribution.

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For a soft and golden Soufflé

Produced in the heart of Brittany, at a leading French ceramics factory, the Appolia Soufflé Dish from Peugeot is perfect for 4 to 6 guests. Fluffy, golden and soft, your soufflés will stay warm for about 30 minutes after cooking thanks to the thermal inertia of the ceramic. A Peugeot innovation, the dishes can easily be transported from oven to table thanks to the special groove handles. The round shape of the dish makes it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. The intense bright blue colour will bring additional beauty to your meals.